Selected Projects: Before & After

When designing additions to my client's homes my strategy is based on the unique circumstances of the client's project, their budgets, and the existing house and site.
In adding on to a house, I usually to defer to the existing design. My greatest professional desire is that the original architect will declare that my design is a natural response to an enlarged project - while it might not "look like it had always been there", the completed project respects their original vision.

I encourage clients to improve their homes by looking for inspiration from the exemplary practitioners of each home's particular style. In the case of remodeling homes that in no way meet my client's requirements, I have found that correcting the deficiencies of the original design allows us to transform the home beyond my client's expectations - we are the only people who remember the house's previous unsatisfying condition.
My overall goal is that no matter how small the project, I have improved it through my attention to both my client's needs and my devotion to the art of architecture.


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